Entries closed on March 14, 2022

Winning selections of FIG 2022!

Theme: Loss of Time

Time is a deeply personal experience and a highly unpredictable medium. As we strive to conquer time, there are moments when we find ourselves running behind it, and others when we are surprised at an unexpected route it has taken — stretching and compressing on its own whims and fancies. This year, FIG invites you to use the medium of a looping GIF to visualise your experiences with the cycle of losing time and regaining control.

Judges of FIG 2022

Meeta Malhotra

Meeta Malhotra is India’s leading brand+design strategist, having done foundational work for brands like Airtel, Kotak Bank, Vistara Airlines and more. Meeta was one of two partners at Ray + Keshavan and is an active player in India’s startup ecosystem, having invested in companies like YourStory and LetsVenture. Meeta is the founder of The Hard Copy in 2020 as a resource that offers case studies, insights and advice for anyone building a digital-first, design-led brand today.

Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler is a multimedia artist, director and creator. After founding Kult Magazine in 2007, he has helped connect brands and artists on an international scale. Since 2017 his latest offering EYEYAH! Is a creative platform for children, using creativity to inspire social change. Based out of Singapore, he also operates The Unusual Network of hundreds of artists and designers curating projects for brands, institutions and pop culture.

Panel Discussion: Future of GIFS

Artwork by Steve Lawler for FIG


FIG is an ONLINE + OFFLINE exhibit celebrating the power of the GIF. It is a small part of a larger study on the evolving internet expressions of our age – incubated at the EyeMyth Festival 2019, FIG is back for its second edition at the EyeMyth festival ‘22.


Aditya Prakash

Avni Jain

Salil Parekh

Sanchita Jain

FIG is especially thankful to Meeta Malhotra and Steve Lawler. We appreciate them taking the time to speak with us and pick the winners from the incredible entries we received. We are also grateful to Neha Singh, creative director and partner at Quicksand for her guidance.

None of this would be possible without the support of Team EyeMyth!